Missions and Outreach
Meet Our Missionaries
One of the ways that we support missions is by "Holding the Ropes" for missionaries with Gospel for Asia. At this time, our congregation is supporting 12 native missionaries.
Matduram Christu Raja

Matduram serves the Lord among the Hindus of Tamil Nadu, India. He conducts open-air meetings, home prayer fellowships, door-to-door witnessing, literature distribution and is involved in church planting.

Rabindra Harijan

Rabindra serves as pastor/evangelist in the Hindu-dominated villages of Orissa, India. He distributes tracts, witnesses house to house and is involved in church planting in remote areas.

Kee Luai

Kee is an evangelist and pastor among the Buddhists of Myanmar. He performs hospital visitation, conducts home prayer meetings and distributes gospel tracts. His wife and children serve with him.

Syamasunda Kdaiska

Syamasunda is an evangelist among the Hindus of Orissa, India. He desires to plant churches among the unreached, and is involved in open-air preaching, witnessing, village and hospital evangelism.

Essaki Samuel

Essaki works as an evangelist in Tamil Nadu, India, and is involved in church-planting, literature distribution, house visitation, personal evangelism and conducting home meetings.

Jabakaniey Stanley

Jabakaniey is an evangelist in Sri Lanka, which is predominately Buddhist. He is involved in church planting, tract distribution, home prayer fellowships, and establishing Sunday Schools.

Manoj Tamang

Manoj serves the Lord as an evangelist in the Hindu nation of Nepal. He passes out Christian literature house to house, witnesses personally and is involved in church planting work.

Subash Tudu

Subash serves Christ in Bangladesh. To reach the Muslims there he is involved in personal evangelism, house visitation, literature distribution and church-planting work.

Sabita Biswakarma

Sabita is a "Bible Woman" in Bhutan, India where she ministers among Buddhists. She distributes gospel tracts, visits homes and works among women testifying personally to the Grace of God in Jesus Christ.

Andoli Anil Rao

Andoli works as an evangelist to reach out to the Hindus of Andhra Pradesh, India. He distributes tracts, witnesses house to house, preaches in open air meetings and is involved in church planting.

Nakka Jaya Raju

Nakka works as an evangelist in Andhra Pradesh, India, distributing tracts in public squares, conducting prayer meetings and planting churches through the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

Lerish Rongpipi

Lerish is a "Bible Woman" proclaiming Christ's love in Assam, India. She visits homes, distributes tracts and works among women and children to share the Gospel and lead the lost to Christ.

At Faith Harvest Church, Missions is a primary focus.  Over the years we have taken teams to Pakistan for the training of church leaders and we have supported individuals in the congregation who have been on short term trips to Zambia, Mozambique, Columbia and other places.

Our primary mission focus is to reach the community in which we live; however we believe that we are to go to "Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria AND the uttermost parts of the World" as the Lord leads us.

We have an upcoming trip planned for Siberia. Leah Smith and Michelle Wanzo will be ministering in orphanages there in June of 2009.

We are also working towards a new, ongoing mission endeavor in Mexico.
Local outreach takes various forms here. Check out our E-team Evangelism page for information on one-on-one  outdoor evangelism through our water bottle tract ministry. Pictured above and below are pictures from our Thanksgiving Outreach. This year we fed about 400 who had no where to go on Thanksgiving.